Thursday, November 17, 2011

IAMX - Volatile Times

An amazing gothic-art-rock video by Mr. Chris Corner, formerly of Sneaker Pimps fame.

As we all know, The Sneaker Pimps were an alternative/trip-hop/rock band from the mid-90's who shitcanned their singer after their first successful album, and then promptly went into oblivion once that key element was eliminated. The music itself was still good, however without Kelli Ali's vocals the tracks felt much more underground and Praga Khan-ish. MTV and KROQ ignored these efforts and along with the over-hyped electronica movement, the name Sneaker Pimps slipped into obscurity.

The band disolved in 2005 but before that happened, Corner had already been developing his solo project IAMX, which to me seems kind of a cool “I’m awesome” approach to the entire history of SP and his involvement, as the first Sneaker Pimps album was titled “Becoming X”. Was Kelli in the way of his progression as an artist? Or has he always felt he didn’t need anyone else and the first album was just a learning experience for him? Either way, that name kind of puts all the emphasis on him, while there were at least 2 other people involved in the production of that music.

I kind of admire his approach. Obviously, as the Michel Briegel-directed video above proves, he has more than enough prowess to be a solo act. The confidence spewing from all of these actions could easily be an act but his talent and tenacity is evident in every album he has released.

Above all else, however, is the fact that this video is also the epitome of fetishism, gothic epicness and dramatic expressionism. Very, very good.

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