Sunday, November 20, 2011

In Memory of the Late Mr. & Mrs. Comfort

This photo series, formally titled "The comforts portfolio: In Memory of the Late Mr. & Mrs. Comfort: A Fable in 24 Episodes.", was taken by Richard Avedon and appeared in the November edition of The New Yorker in 1995. There are several images in this series, some of which can be viewed in the archive section of his online portfolio. I've also included a few of my favorites below which link to the entire set on Haute Macabre. This amazing project is still relevant and beautiful 16 years later.

Mr. Avedon has been a major force in the industry since the damn 40's. He's one of the special souls who were born to create art and found his voice very early in life. The wealth of imagery he has created over his career thus far exceeds any explanation; it needs to be viewed and appreciated.

This particular set is worth mentioning for it's marriage of macabre, fashion and sexuality. Also of note is the nearly-vintage film look of the images. The colors are very true, but seem dreamy. There might not be a definite storyline here, and it's not entirely necessary for any of this. This is fashion, with a very cool twist, and the techniques and compositions are ageless.

Special thank you to Haute Macabre for posting the original set and keeping this wonderful collection of work viable and alive. 

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