Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saint Lou Lou - Maybe You

If there's one thing I appreciate, it's pretension. Unapologetic, intense and beautiful pretension.

I love that this is the kind of video that seems to realize exactly how overly-photographed it is. It feels like a photographer found video and finally indulged in his or her desires to see what happens the moment before and after the emotion of a carefully crafted composition occurs. Much in the same vein as Mark Romanek, one could freeze any frame of this short video and have a wonderful photograph.

The piece was directed by Philippe Tempelman, with utmost care and beauty. The director of photography was Mattias Montero, who helped to craft what is truly a work of eye candy with the slight hint of drama.

I am so fascinated by these kinds of ambiguous yet intriguing pieces. So much is left for the viewer to fill in, while there are only hints to what might actually be going on. There is only but enough to direct the spectator in general while leaving individual imagination to make it as big or relevant or useful as they would like. Pure art, in under four minutes.

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