Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paris 1914

I find this so incredibly surreal and fascinating.

Is it any less impressive because I can view these images on a laptop in my kitchen rather than in a museum with a dress code and a $40 valet charge? With so much information and history and knowledge available at the click of a word, when does all of everything become valued at absolutely nothing?

From the official archive:

"As surprising as this may seem, there are many photographs of Paris shot in direct color from 1907 to 1930.

The Autochrome process was developed by the Lumière brothers in 1903. The technique was based on a composite of black and white emulsions passed through a series of color filters (red, blue and green) designed based on potato starch."

I have stared at the collection at Paris 1914 and am utterly captivated. It all looks as if it is from a movie set or art exhibit. That we can so easily view images from so long ago now should be mind blowing.

Each image links to the archive which contains MANY more.

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