Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seapunk Summer

With Summer upon us (and with it, hopefully, some actual real warm weather), I thought I'd share one of my recent obsessions. Seapunk is such a strange, fascinating, ridiculous sub-culture that I find to be so tacky that it is classic, and so self-aware that it is inspirational on every level. 

For more information on Seapunk in general, the wikis have a good rundown, and there is always the old-fashioned Tumblr and Pinterest tags. However, my favorite summation of the genre in general is from an article on The Atlantic Wire by David Wagner:

"What it sounds like: Digital milkshakes blended with equal parts drum 'n' bass, '90s R&B, new age muzak, top 40, trance, and a bunch of other sounds recovered from the musical recycling bin of the last 20 years. Visually, seapunk takes viewers on a sea-faring voyage through a landscape full of Windows 98 and Sega Genesis graphics.

How real it is: Completely not real. It's actually so unreal that it might be the realest genre of our increasingly hyperreal, inter-webbed world."

Let's enjoy the sun, turquoise seahorses and 90's effected future nostalgia.

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