Monday, November 11, 2013


From what I have been able to decipher, two things are absolute: BRDG is an audio/visual production house based in Tokyo, and their output of experimental animations continue to amaze and push boundaries while keeping feet firmly planted on the foundations of earlier work inspired by the polygons underneath even the smoothest shadows.

(note: all videos are best experienced with really good headphones/speakers)

What strikes me about the above piece, EVE, with it's Venus de Milo muse, is how patient it is while embracing the frenetic and seemingly chaotic music it dances to. As the music itself is glitchy, it is also very structured and calculated in execution. The statue here, with the gas mask doubling as music interface (she appears to be literally breathing music), moves with the music to it's own pace while she is being overcome with the vibrations and effects. The end result is almost a piece of exciting indifference; the environment may change but the subject remains the same.

SyncBody was the first piece that I ever saw from BRDG and felt needed recognition from more than the editors at Vimeo. It feels a bit like the evolution of Virtua Racing, as well as the visual expression of ANAMORPH. Once again with frenetic music, this one seems to embrace it more as the mannequins move in strict accordance to Yaporigami's music and are slaves to it.

maigo is probably the calmest piece in the collection released so far, and it of course features amazing sound (this by Shunsuke Watanabe), and visuals that resemble the digital brainwaves of the computers generating it. This is another example of the patience I spoke to earlier; even the most frenetic videos by BRDG have a sense of extreme patience despite the intense urgency of what they suggest. amigo takes it to completion, as the soft beats and mellow rhythm float over gentle waves of color and ambiguous shapes.

Exit Through takes all of the above and mixes it together in a beautifully typographed, designed and scored milkshake. Not a moment too long or short, it is two minutes of pure abstract inspiration.

There is a lot more to BRDG than these short animations, and they are worth investigating. As most digital art can go, this is one of those rare collections that may simply exist for the sake of existing. And for that, I am grateful.

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