Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lonely Window

Julien Mauve is a photographer based out of Paris who has created a short series that truly hits the crossroads of one of the most intimate, technical and emotional art forms.

The notion here that connection to anything real is continuously replaced by technology and with that, disconnection from that relationship, is very well captured. We see the world through our eyes and process with our minds but what is becoming more common is to experience the world through ever-shrinking devices.

Through solitude we view the world through a long hallway with a small window at the end of it, isolated but not alone. We see and learn everything we want to, alone. We communicate without speaking to potentially hundreds of people, alone. We find ourselves, more and more, alone.

Julien Mauve's photography here, a mixture of still life and portrait and lit by the the windows to the universe, evokes the mood of loneliness and illumination of a world just out of reach, yet entirely accessible.

One can hear the deafness of silence and the stillness of emptiness.

Many more projects, information and wonderful photos can be seen at Julien's website.

[via fubiz]

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