Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monotone Symphony

I'd normally categorize this as one of those bullshit nudity/performance wastes of life akin to breaking down art, but this actually seems to have at least a seed of inspiration.

"Monotone Symphony," shot by Phil Poynter, is a performance piece inspired by Yves Klein "Anthropom√©tries" of the Blue Period, 1960. That performance in all of it's black-and-white glory, can be seen here:

Now I'm not usually one for gratuitous nudity unless it's Caturday and I'm on a pornhub spree, but, this is one of those weird occurrences akin to the bass player from Pitchshifter playing a bass with a Dead Kennedys sticker on it; the band may be a flash-in-the-pan studio band but, they are proud of their influences by historic and iconic musicians and display that for other, future artists to learn from and aspire to.

That being said, this has all of the appearances of an excuse to get a cheap thrill from models Sophia Lie, Emily Senko and Julia Dunstall writhing around naked while smearing blue paint on their bodies, but the very fact that it came from something I had never seen before made it worth while.

The cinematography of this piece is great, of course. The music is...typical. The art? It exists. Here, and in Klein's original. What matters the most is that it sparks conversation based on something other than blue tits and boring music.

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